SHINE Projects and Calendar of Events

The Shine Project Foundation’s objectives are:

1. To provide enrichment opportunities and events to all children with special needs reinforcing communication, social, and life skills, independence, creativity, and developing relationships.

2. To provide access to all experiences for all children with special needs and their families that will enhance their well being by promoting a healthy, active, creative, and positive lifestyle.

3. To partner with local businesses and organizations to encourage, collaborate and facilitate outreach for all children with special needs and their families as well as promote awareness with in the community.


Please explore our Projects and Events page to learn about upcoming projects and events.

Our commitment to the Special Needs population is a very important component of our organization as well, and with your contributions we are able to host events that bring families together to network and create a support system, to have fun and socialize, and to become more informed about the ways they can ensure the life-long success of their child with special needs.

Please contribute to a project or to the organization in general, and together we can affect the lives of many in ways one could only dream.  Thank you.

Also, if you have a great idea for a project, or a service to provide, please Contact Us and share your vision.  We will help you make it happen!